On 8th March 2021, CCCA Association of Women Entrepreneurs and BGI co-organized the webinar named “Gene Technology Protecting Women’s Health” to celebrate International Women’s Day, interpret the latest genetic technology, and offer a festive warmth and love to female entrepreneurs

As BGI’s global influence continues to increase, BGI Australia was established in April 2016 to support its development in Oceania. As a subsidiary of one of the world’s largest genome organizations, BGI Gene Australia has unique technological advantages, including a proprietary genome sequencing platform DNBseq™ and first-class bioinformatics analysis capabilities. BGI is committing to promoting cutting-edge research in healthcare, agriculture, environment and other related fields, constantly seeking cooperation opportunities, pursuing scientific excellence by integrating existing resources, and contributing to the vision of using genomics to benefit all mankind.

In her speech, Dr. Bicheng Yang, general manager of BGI Australia, started from the basic concept of genes and described the connection between genomics science and rare diseases/monogenic diseases, intestinal bacteria, Alzheimer’s disease and cancer, and explained in a simple way why Gene is an important factor in determining birth, aging, sickness and death. Then, Dr. Yang shared the content of genetics and women’s disease prevention, interpreting the advantages of the latest genetic testing from a scientific point of view, which will support early prediction and prevention of women’s common diseases, to carry out precise diagnosis and treatment and precise rehabilitation. After the lecture, the attending women entrepreneurs also actively participated in questions and discussions, and the atmosphere was very active.

Although the duration of this entertaining lecture is short, it can play a big role. Through Dr. Yang Bicheng’s latest gene science popularization and effective early disease screening and interpretation, everyone can understand the health status in time, make prevention and precise diagnosis and treatment, and protect their health. Every female entrepreneur here has benefited a lot with a new understanding of protecting health, and will continue the elegant life.

In this era with lots of emerging technologies and new business models, Association of Women Entrepreneurs will continue to cooperate and communicate with companies or research institutions in different industries to give women entrepreneurs the opportunity to learn knowledge in other fields, broaden vision for sparks of inspiration and promote the development of everyone’s own work.