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CCCA Financial Industry Committee held High-Quality Financial Support for Sino-Australian Economic, Trade and Investment Cooperation Seminar

2023 年6 月9 日,由中国工商银行悉尼分行承办的澳大利亚中国总商会金融业委员会“金融高质量支持中澳经贸投资合作研讨会”在悉尼成功举行。金融业委员会各会员单位主要负责人参会,总商会秘书长陈敏、人民银行南太平洋代表处首席代表樊石磊作为特邀嘉宾出席。 工商银行悉尼分行主持研讨会,金融业委员会主席暨工商银行悉尼分行总经理陈建愉同与会代表分享了近期中澳经贸关系的发展动态,以及中资企业在澳投资的相关研究数据和趋势分析。参会的其他机构代表,围绕金融支持中澳经贸往来的举措、机遇和挑战,海外机构稳健经营的发展思路等议题,展开了深入讨论,现场气氛热烈。与会代表一致表示,在澳中资金融机构在实现自身健康发展的同时,更要顺应中澳商业层面对增强互信合作的诉求,继续携手并肩,紧跟中资“走出去”客户和本地客户的金融服务需求,发挥好桥梁纽带作用和各自资源禀赋,为高质量支持和促进中澳经贸往来和投融资合作,做出更大贡献。

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CCCA Sydney Branch Members Gathering at Canoelands Orchard

In the golden autumn with warm sunshine of Sydney, General Chamber of Commerce in Australia (CCCA) Sydney Branch organized the first outdoor activity for members in 2023. Committee members of the Sydney Branch and members from other units gathered in Orchard Orchard Farm on Saturday, April 1. The orchard was full of greenery, and President Ms Ren Li warmly welcomed and thanked the members for their active participation. She said that the theme of this event is “Meet in Sydney, Harvest Golden Autumn”. She hopes that everyone will strengthen communication and interaction in today’s event. She also hopes that members will gain friendship through the platform and various activities of the Sydney branch. On the day, it started with the exciting group game competition. Instructed by the team leader, members of each group united, worked together, and completed many challenges such as alphabet games, team tasks, and riddle quiz. In the game, everyone goes from being acquainted with each other to being a tacit teammate. At the end of the competition, Secretary-General Mr Chen Min announced the results. Vice President Yang Xianjun presented the prize sponsored by China Eastern Airlines Australia to the winning teams – China Eastern Airlines aircraft... View Article

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CCCA Adelaide Branch, ACBC South Australia Branch, Shandong Economic and Trade Representative Office in Oceania, and China-Australia Youth Leaders Association jointly held the Spring Festival celebration

In the afternoon of February 16, 2022, CCCA Adelaide Branch, ACBC South Australia Branch, Shandong Economic and Trade Representative Office in Oceania, and China-Australia Youth Leaders Association jointly organized the South Australia Business Chinese New Year Celebrations. Kong Xiaoan (Sean), Chairman  of ACBC South Australia Branch delivered a speech and  pointed out that despite facing some difficulties and challenges in the past year, the business communities of China and South Australia have maintained close and strong cooperation. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Australia and China. ACBC South Australia will, as always, strengthen friendly relations with the Chinese business community, focus on the consensus and common interests of both sides, continue to promote cooperation in various fields such as low-carbon economy, and continue to achieve mutually beneficial and win-win results. Mr Li Suo, Vice President of the Adelaide Branch of the China General Chamber of Commerce in Australia, extended Spring Festival greetings to the guests attending the event. He said that a healthy and stable China-Australia relationship conforms to the common interests of both sides. Friendship and cooperation are the consensus of the Chinese and South Australian business communities. And the two will... View Article

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CCCA National Energy Commission hosts carbon peak and neutrality webinar

To deeply understand carbon peak and neutrality, evaluate the movement trend of main target market for the future and bring ideas to engergy resource company of Australia, on 19th November 2021,  CCCA national energy commission hosted webinar with topic as focus carbon peak and neutrality and provide energy to future. Consulate General Ye Wei, Economic and Commercial Office of the Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China in Sydney, president of National Energy Commission Zhang Ning, vice-president Xia WenZhe and Guo TingHu and 150 heads and representatives of Chinese-funded enterprises in Australia’s resources, energy, finance, etc., participated in this online event. In his opening speech, President Zhang Ning pointed out that the just-concluded Glasgow Summit has once again made the energy industry a hot spot. How do energy and resource companies view the contradiction between energy scarcity and safety? How to not only strive to achieve the dual-carbon goal, but also ensure the supply and safety of energy? How to find new ways of survival and development in the midst of contradictions? This is a strategic issue that we must face under the new situation. For a long time to come, industry development risks and opportunities coexist, challenges and... View Article

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CCCA Association of Women Entrepreneurs hosted “Achieve Carbon Neutrality” event

On 16th July 2021, hosted by CCCA Association of Women Entrepreneurs, CECEP Wind Power (Australia) Holding Pty Ltd and China Telecom (Australia) Pty Ltd co-organized the online event named ‘Achieve Carbon Neutrality – Online Micro-Landscape Plant Production’ . At the beginning, Ms. Ye Xuan, Chairman of the Association of Women Entrepreneurs extended a warm welcome to the new members, Ms. Ren Li, General Manager of Bank of China Sydney Branch, and Ms. Tina Hua, Partner of Tahota Law Firm, and gave thanks to General Secretary of CCCA Wang Guannan for ongoing support. At present, more than 120 countries and regions in the world have proposed carbon neutrality targets. According to the plan, in the next five years, China will adopt more powerful policies and measures to increase its national independent contribution and strive to reach the peak of carbon emissions by 2030. The concepts of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality are closely related to countries, companies, organizations and individuals. Special guest Ms. Yang Ying, general manager of CECEP Wind Power (Australia) Holdings Limited, shared relevant concepts, commitments and policies of major countries, China’s achievements in energy conservation and emission reduction, and ways to achieve carbon neutrality. The content allows everyone... View Article

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