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CCCA Member Exclusive Special On Chinese New Year Gala Night 2020

2020悉尼新春联欢晚会 总商会会员单位特享优惠 中澳艺术家群星集结闪耀悉尼市政厅 为庆祝中国农历新年鼠年,2020悉尼新春联欢晚会(悉尼春晚)将于1月28日晚(农历新年初四)在悉尼市政厅隆重上演,为当地民众献上一台雅俗共赏的过大年艺术盛宴,用歌声和音乐祝贺新春佳节。 这场强势集结和倾力巨献的悉尼春晚汇集了杂技、武术、器乐、舞蹈、民歌和声乐在内的多种极具中国陕西特色的综艺节目。晚会群星荟萃、中西合璧、异彩纷呈。有轻歌妙舞的唐代舞稻,高难度的杂技表演,也有深受大家喜欢的武术套路和器械表演;不仅精选了著名的陕北民歌、中外歌曲和歌剧选段,将演唱《在那遥远的地方》、《我爱你中国》等家喻户晓歌曲,还安排了中西男女声二重唱。 杂技表演 【晃圈】 来自中国陕西省歌舞剧院、陕西省杂技艺术团的歌唱家、舞蹈家、杂技演员,陕西武术运动管理中心国家健将级武术运动员,以及澳大利亚国家歌剧院的歌唱家,将同台联袂表演,这是中澳两国文化艺术相互交流和合作的最佳展示。 悉尼春晚作为中国文化和旅游部品牌“欢乐春节”、陕西省文化和旅游厅“国风秦韵”的官方活动,也是悉尼市政府农历新年庆典系列活动之一,由悉尼中国文化中心、陕西省文化和旅游厅主办,澳丰文化,文一国际承办。 悉尼春晚热闹非凡,喜庆吉祥,老少皆宜,在悉尼过大年看大戏,就是逢年过节最大的文化享受,也是在海外游子最暖心的庆祝方式。 澳大利亚中国总商会是中国驻澳大利亚的中资企业的联合组织,很多的会员单位工作人员来自中国。悉尼春节晚会特别为总商会开辟特价票通道,凡是输入折扣码 CCCA20,即可享受八折团购优惠。   时间:2020年1月28日晚7点半 场地:悉尼市政厅 Sydney Town Hall 演出票价:VIP $98 / $78 / $58/ $38 酒会套票:$188 (含演出前新春团拜酒会和VIP门票) 网上订票:happychinesenewyear.com.au 致电热线:0403 188 733 八折折扣码:CCCA20 购票二维码:

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CCCA Member China Everbright Bank Sydney Branch and UNICEF Jointly Organized Charity Event

Under the guidance of China’s fundamental policy of further opening up, more and more Chinese-funded financial institutions have gone abroad, implemented international strategies, and actively participated in international economic cooperation and competition. While conducting business, they actively fulfilled their social responsibilities and deeply integrated into the local society, demonstrating the good corporate image of Chinese financial institutions with responsibility and compassion. As a member of China Chamber of Commerce in Australia (CCCA),  China Everbright Bank Sydney Branch opened on February 25, 2019. Since then, guided by the idea of “the world’s first-class enterprise must fulfill its social responsibility” from China Everbright Group Chairman Li Xiaopeng, focusing on Everbright’s “Agile, Technology, Ecology” concept, firmly grasping the important strategic opportunities of China’s “One Belt, One Road” and the “China-Australia Free Trade Agreement”, and providing all-round financial services for China-Australia economic and trade exchanges and cultural exchanges, and various management operations,  a good start has been achieved. While business developing, Everbright Bank Sydney branch actively fulfilled its social responsibilities, deeply integrated into the local community, and successively supported and participated in a number of influential large-scale charity event. On December 12, the Sydney Branch cooperated with the UNICEF Australian Committee to successfully host... View Article

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2019 CCCA Financial Institution Event Held In Sydney

On December 3, CCCA Financial Industry Committee successfully held the “2019 CCCA Financial Institution Event” in Sydney. This forum is exclusively sponsored by the Bank of China, and aims to actively promote investment and financial cooperation between China and Australia, strengthen communication, promote mutual trust, and explore opportunities and challenges in the field of industrial investment and financial cooperation, thereby further strengthening the China-Australia consensus and promoting bilateral cooperation. Mr. Huang Rengang, the Minister Counsellor for Economic and Commercial Affairs of the Chinese Embassy in Australia, Mr Sun Yu, Deputy General Manager of Bank of China, The Hon. Anna Bligh AC, former Premier of Queensland and CEO of the Australian Banking Association, Mr Jin Yangtong, the chairman of the Financial Industry Committee of CCCA and General Manager of China Construction Bank Sydney, delivered speeches. Mr. Bill Evans, chief economist of Westpac Bank, and Prof. Song Ligang, chief economist of Bank of China Sydney Branch, respectively, forecasted the economic prospects and market opportunities of Australia and China in 2020. Counselor Wang Hongbo from the Economic and Commercial Section of the Consulate-General of the People’s Republic of China in Sydney attended the forum. Counsellor Huang Rengang pointed out in his speech that... View Article

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3rd CIIE Launches Roadshow in Sydney

The 3rd China International Import Expo (CIIE) Road Show was successfully held on December 2 in Sydney, Australia. The China Chamber of Commerce in Australia (CCCA) is the co-organizer of the conference. More than a hundred people, including representatives of the Chinese and Australian political and business areas, and representatives of Australian companies and CCCA memebrs, attended the event. Mr Sun Chenghai, deputy director general of the CIIE Bureau, said in his speech that China, as Australia’s largest trading partner, has close cooperation with Australia. Welcome Australian enterprises with advantages, characteristics and competitiveness to enter the Chinese market through CIIE and enjoy the openness of China and the charm of the Chinese market.   Kylie Bell, Executive Director Industry, Trade & Investment at NSW Treasury, said that at the second CIIE, half of the Australian exhibitors came from NSW. The expo provided a very good platform for economic cooperation between China and Australia. In the next 12 months, we will continue to support the recruitment of the third CIIE and bring more high-quality enterprises to the Expo. Mr Gu Xiaojie, Consul General of the People’s Republic of China in Sydney, said that the participation of CIIE from Australian enterprises continued... View Article

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CCCA Sponsor PWC Australia Hosted ‘Transfer Pricing Developments in the Australian Landscape’ Seminar

On the afternoon of November 20th, PwC Australia and China Chamber of Commerce in Australia (CCCA) successfully held a ‘transfer pricing developments in the Australian landscape’ Seminar in the PwC Sydney office building. Nearly 50 representatives of Chinese enterprises in Australia participated in the meeting. The seminar was led by Mr. Edwin Baghdasarayan, PwC’s Australian transfer pricing service partner. He deeply analyzed the current transfer pricing policy of Australia to the participants, and professionally explained coping strategies to the Chinese-funded enterprises. The conference is fully seated.   Ms Wang Guannan, Secretary General of CCCA and Chief Representative of CCPIT Australia gave a welcome speech and the seminar officially opened.   Mr. Edwin mainly emphasized the following four points in his speech: The Australian Taxation Office (ATO)  is under great pressure on fiscal revenue. The Taxation Office plans to levy $ 5 billion to $ 7 billion in income taxes on multinational companies within five years. This will be achieved mainly by reviewing multinational company transfer pricing. In addition, ATO has sufficient human resource on corporate tax review, and has invested a lot on staff and funding in auditing multinational companies. Therefore, multinational companies need to pay special attention to transfer... View Article

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