Dear CCCA members,

The New Year is approaching, and wish for a better new life. As we are greeting to the new year, I, on behalf of the China Chamber of Commerce in Australia, wish all members and friends all the best in year of the Tiger, in good health, and family happiness!

In 2021, we rise to the challenges. The great changes unseen in a century and the intertwined impact of the COVID pandemic, new situations and new changes are emerging one after another, which has caused many obstacles to local economic development and brought great challenges to our work. Under the kind care and guidance of the embassy (consulate) in Australia and the joint efforts of all member units, CCCA has always adhered to the goal of “improving service, standardizing management, and innovating development”, adhering to “building a platform for communication and promoting common development” ”, earnestly perform the functions of the chamber of commerce, actively organize and carry out various tasks, improve the service platform, continuously enhance the external influence and cohesion of the general chamber of commerce, and better accomplish the established tasks and goals.

These achievement is inseparable from the support of relevant leaders at all levels, as well as the sincere unity and joint efforts of all members. Here, I would like to express my high respect and heartfelt thanks to all of you!

It is still the most difficult time in the world, and it is also the most difficult time for mankind to fight against the virus. Although we are shrouded in the shadow of the pandemic, we firmly believe that spring will come and the dawn will definitely appear. In 2022, CCCA will, with higher standards and requirements, do a good job in epidemic prevention and control, promote communication and cooperation with local governments and institutions, actively reflect members’ demands, help enterprises solve problems, and give full play to the role of a service platform. and organize various activities.

A new year, a new starting point, let us forge ahead hand in hand to meet new opportunities and challenges positively. Let’s work hard together, move forward with all our strength, and continue to make greater contributions to the healthy development of China-Australia economy and trade!

I wish our great motherland peace and prosperity! I wish everyone all the best in the Year of the Tiger!

Chen Zheyu

President of China Chamber of Commerce in Australia